Selling Tips



Settling on a market price for your home can be tricky.  Pricing too low could mean you could easily miss out on enough money for a new car; pricing too high may mean your house could go stale sitting on the market too long.

To achieve the best sales result, your house should be priced on the optimistic side of a fair market value.  To obtain a fair market value I provide you with:

  • a comparison of recent sales of similar properties in your direct area
  • a comparison of similar properties currently on the market (your competitors)
  • Market area intelligence – e.g. Infrastructure development impacting home values
  • Market Appraisal – I will use my in-depth market knowledge to provide you with an estimated range in which I believe your property will sell.

The average buyer inspects 10-15 homes before they buy.  Even in the best of markets your property is competing against other homes, so it’s critical to get the price (or range) correct.




Should you choose public auction or negotiated sale?  Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the appropriate method based on your circumstances, your property and market conditions.

Public auction:

  • A firm date is set giving buyers a timeline to complete their enquiries prior
  • Promotes competitive bidding when there are multiple qualified buyers
  • Forces buyers to make a decision
  • Provides a conclusive unconditional sale

For sale by negotiation:

  • Can be more appealing to buyers as the process is less intimidating
  • It’s critical to get the price or price range correct
  • Soft launch – we test the market, gather buyer thoughts on price before settling within an advertised range




The effort you put into preparing your house for advertising (and ultimately inspection) can be the difference between an average sale price and a great sale price.  Potential buyers are looking for love at first sight.  They’re seeking that immediate attraction, something that makes their heart beat faster, complemented by good looks and a little charm.  To help buyers fall for your property without you spending a fortune, some things to consider are:

  • Street appeal – Fresh paint, cut lawns and clean paths will make your home inviting
  • Cleanliness – ensure nothing is overlooked as minor things may turn buyers off
  • Maintenance – ensure that the small, neglected issues are taken care of
  • Spring clean.  De-clutter and add modern touches to give a contemporary, less personalised feel.  Think minimal boutique hotel and you’re on the right track
  • Take particular care with your kitchen, bathrooms and entertainment areas (both inside and out) as these are the major selling features of your home




The sale of your home is underpinned by a successful marketing campaign.  Before advertising, sales text is created and professional photography is organised along with other strategies designed to improve the advertising appeal of your home.

From extensive experience in the inner Brisbane west market I have identified the most effective methods for getting buyers to your property including:

  • Accessing my database of active buyers through email, SMS and phone contact
  • – reaching a wider audience
  • The Courier Mail and Brisbane News – attracting aspirational buyers
  • Sign boards – at least 5% of all enquiry comes from property signage
  • Local letterbox drops – many buyers come from within your direct area




Your first 2 open houses will attract your best turn out, so it’s essential that you’re ready to sell.  Many attendees will have already inspected and possibly made offers on comparative properties, their feedback about your home is very important.

Create ambience on open day by using subtle touches such as open windows, fresh flowers, bright lighting and soft music.  Similarly things that may detract should also be addressed; washing machine/dryer/pool noise, pet odours and droppings, pest control, parked cars or even your neighbours’ overgrown footpath.  Open houses should not only allow the buyer to inspect without pressure but also allow them to see your house at its absolute best.

A second inspection should be treated by you with the same enthusiastic presentation; this person may well be your buyer!




After successfully attracting interest from buyers, you will be presented with your first offer.  Usually the offer will be lower than the asking price (although it’s not unusual for a buyer who has fallen in love with your house to meet the advertised price).  As your agent I endeavour to bring as much information about the buyer to the table.  When starting negotiations there are many questions to answer including:

  • Is the buyer unencumbered or will they need to raise funds?  Can they raise funds successfully?
  • How committed is the buyer?  An uncommitted buyer may get cold feet
  • How quickly can the buyer move?
  • Can we match the settlement time to both the buyer’s and your own circumstances and expectations

Selling your house is likely the largest transaction of your life, so it’s easy for emotions to cloud your judgement.  Getting good advice in light of current market conditions (and buyers’ thoughts on your home) is paramount in reaching your sale price.  Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your ultimate goal.